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Dr Manish Rawat astrologer : Kaal Sarp Yoga and its Effect

Vasuki Kaalsarp Yoga: This type of kaal sarp dosha is formed when rahu is in third house or house of courage, younger siblings and effort and ketu is placed in ninth house or house of luck and dharma. This yoga will make the person timid and person will not have much courage and valor. He will have bad relations with younger siblings and they will not support him even in the hour of need. He will have lesser influential friend who will be cheats.

The person will have less support of luck. He will face hurdles and breaks in many important events of his life. He will be a follower of religion of foreigners and will leave or will have less interest his own dharma.

Shankpal Kaalsarp Yoga: This type of kaal sarp dosha is formed when rahu is in fourth house or house of sukh or happiness or sukh bhava and ketu is placed in 10 th house or karm bhava or house of profession. This yoga will give ill impacts in the relation with mother and person will be separated from his mother. He will have lesser mental peace and will be prone to anger. His driving skills will not be good .He will be having vastu dosha in his house.He will be prone to diseases related to heart, chest and lungs.

He will be having problems with the higher authorities in the workplace and will not be popular in his office or workplace. He will be suffered many conspiracies from his colleagues and in spite of doing hard work will not be able to achieve higher position in his profession. He will be unpopular in the society.

Padam Kaalsarp Yoga: This type of kaal sarp dosha is formed when rahu is in fifth house or house of education and children and ketu is placed in 11 th house or aaya bhava or house of income. This yoga will give breaks and hurdles in case of getting education. The person will be weak in studies and will have less intellectual power as well. He will not have much interest in arts. His analytical skills will be less and will have no luck in share market, gambling or sudden gain of money through speculations or betting. He will have problems in love relations.

The person will have problems in child birth and if the person is female, she will have many problems in child birth. Child birth will happen after a long time after marriage. His children will not respect him and leave him.

MahaPadam Kaalsarp Yoga: This type of kaal sarp dosha is formed when rahu is in sixth house or house of enemies and diseases and ketu is placed in 12 th house. This yoga will give problems from the side of enemies and person will have many powerful enemies. The enemies of this person will not confront him openly and work against him secretly and will give him much damage. He will be prone to diseases and will not live a healthy life.

The person will have much expenditure in wasteful things and will have very less savings. He will be unpopular with his in-laws. In case of female, she will always get bad behavior from her in-laws. He could be imprisoned also and will have punishment in the hand of government.

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